Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools

Quick Facts

Our Schools

7 Elementary Schools - Central, J.C. Sawyer, Northside, Pasquotank, P.W. Moore, Sheep-Harney, Weeksville
2 Middle Schools - Elizabeth City Middle and River Road Middle
3 High Schools - Northeastern High, Pasquotank County High and ECP Early College
1 Alternative School - H.L. Trigg Community School

Our Students

Total Students (Pre-K - 12): 5,907
Pre-Kindergarten: 126
Grades K-5: 2,771
Grades 6-8: 1,413
Grades 9-12: 1,597
Children with Disabilities: 906
Academically/Intellectually Gifted: 463


Total number of yellow buses: 69

Miles traveled daily: 4,004
Miles traveled per school year: 720,720
Total number of students assigned to buses: 3,309

Child Nutrition

Average breakfasts served daily: 1,646
Average lunches served daily: 3,908
Average breakfasts served yearly: 296,280
Average lunches served yearly: 703,440
Percentage of students receiving free or reduced price meals: 63%

Our Employees

Number of full time employees: 795
Number of part time employees: 205
Number of full time classroom teachers: 438
Number of full time teacher assistants: 131
Number of National Board Certified Teachers: 62


12 school buildings
6 office/warehouse spaces
Total square footage (including modulars): 1,066,564
Total acreage: 299.6