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Disclaimer: Information surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic evolves and changes rapidly. As changes occur, ECPPS will be updating our guidebook and other information on our site as well. Please check back often for changes and/or updates.

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This is a truly trying time in our community and world. Our work in ECPPS has been focused on meeting the needs of our community – ensuring that students and staff are safe and that their needs are met  – even as we acknowledge great uncertainty about the future. In the midst of these hard times, we must look ahead with the same focus on students we have brought to responding to our current crisis. We invite you to think with us about the future of the students and staff of ECPPS by filling out this community questionnaire. All your feedback will remain anonymous. Your feedback will be used to craft the strategic plan that will guide our schools and community in the years to come. Thank you! The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. We recommend the use of a computer to take the questionnaire, rather than a smartphone.

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