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A Message from the Board of Education

A Message from the ECPPS Board of Education ~

As a Board of Education that functions as the governing unit of the schools and as an elected representative voice of the community for the schools, we take very seriously our obligation to be the steward of moneys for public education in this district. We appreciate that there has been concern and discussion about the current financial obligations of our school district. The Board attempts to provide honesty and transparency to our ECPPS family and to our community whenever possible, particularly regarding financial matters. That principle has not changed. [But we must also comply with confidentiality obligations and restrictions that are imposed by state law on local government bodies like this school system.]

The financial terms of any agreement the Board makes are always public record, but we realize that there has been much confusion and concern as it relates to our current budget and to the committed projects that are planned for this school year. Please be assured that the Board always gives careful consideration to the many projects and programs that exist and that are needed in this district, and we deliberately consider our financial needs and resources before we make any commitment. No current capital outlay projects were nor will be adversely affected or reversed; No current budget decisions for the school year 2018-2019 were nor will be adversely affected or reversed. We will continue to move forward, very aware that our system has challenges to overcome. Our continued efforts will be to act in the best interest of our children and our district. Much like the decision made by this Board to move forward with the 1:1 initiative by approving utilization of the system’s fund balance, we chose to tap into only that source, if necessary, for the overall good of the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County School District.

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