Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools

Board of Education Student Members

Student Board Members

The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County Board of Education is committed to encouraging and facilitating active participation of students in the administration of their own education.  To this end, the Board provides the opportunity for junior and senior students to become student members of the Board for the following reasons:

  • Student members and their constituents are the recipients of educational services provided by the system;
  • Student members offer new and different perspectives;
  • Student members will help keep the Board focused on student success;
  • Student members will ask clarifying questions;
  • Student members will create a direct link from the discussions and decisions made by the Board to the youth of the community;
  • Student members will advise the Board of the views of their constituency
  • Student members will assist with community support for system initiatives;
  • Student members will learn valuable skills for their future; and
  • Student members will add enthusiasm and value to Board work.

Eligibility Requirements

The student board members must be a regularly attending student of a high school in the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County District.  At a minimum, applicants for the position must have been enrolled in a high school within the County from the first day of the school year in which they apply.  Students who are related to a current elected board member are not eligible to apply. 

The student members must have an unweighted grade point average of 2.5 at the time of the selection process to be an eligible candidate and must maintain an unweighted grade point average of 2.5 during their tenure of the position.  Students must also demonstrate positive behavior in school and be in good standing with conduct and behavior.

To ensure complete representation of the school district, the Board may choose to select one senior student from each high school and one from the Early College for a total of three (3) student board members.  Alternates will also be selected from each school, in the event that a student board member cannot fulfill their obligation.

The selection process will begin in the spring of each school year.  The student must be a junior to apply and will serve for one year during the student’s senior year.  Outgoing members will act as mentors to the newly elected student members if possible.

Application/Selection Information

Online Applications will be available on your school's website or just click the link below. 

Please only complete the link that applies to your school

Elizabeth City Pasquotank Early College

Northeastern High School

Pasquotank High School

Candidates must submit a completed application with:
(1) a completed Student Board Member Application Form
(2) a student essay or letter explaining why applicant is interested in serving as a student board member(this can be typed and uploaded or completed within the application form), and
(3) a total of three (3) letters of recommendation (two or more letters from school staff or administration, and no more than one (1) letter from an acquaintance who is not an immediate family member)

Eligible applicants must be prepared to make a presentation to the Board in a public meeting after which the Board will convene to a closed session to interview the applicants and discuss their qualifications.  Following interviews, the Board will vote in open session to select the student board members.