Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools

NC State Improvement Project (NC SIP)

The Elizabeth City - Pasquotank Public Schools Exceptional Children's Department has been a grant recipient of the North Carolina State Improvement Project (NC SIP) since 2005!



Since 2001, the North Carolina State Improvement Project has worked  to address achievement gaps for students with disabilities through the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Personnel Development supporting teacher professional development. 


The purpose of the North Carolina State Improvement Project (NC SIP ) is to improve the quality of instruction for students with disabilities through research supported personnel development and on-site technical assistance for the public schools and university teacher education programs.


Goal 1:

NC SIP staff will increase their capacity to provide leadership, professional development, coaching, and supports to participating districts, teachers, and families on leadership and effective reading, math, and content literacy instruction.

Goal 2:

District and building administrators will have the skills to develop, implement, and evaluate district plans that support the improvement of core content instruction and achievement of students with disabilities in their districts.

Goal 3:

Teachers and administrators will have the skills to effectively implement research-based reading, math, adolescent literacy and co-teaching instructional practices for SWD in the K-12 classroom, which will lead to increased student engagement, student generalization of skills, academic achievement, and family engagement. 

Goal 4:

Pre-service teachers and in-service administrators enrolled in partnering IHEs, will have the capacity to effectively implement and support research-based reading, math, adolescent literacy, and co-teaching for students with disabilities. 


Professional Development

NC SIP developed evidence-based courses addressing literacy and math instruction for North Carolina educators and has partnered with Institutions of Higher Education to embed the course content into their teacher preparation programs.

  • Reading Research to Classroom Practice (RRtCP) - Elizabeth City - Pasquotank Public Schools offers two Reading Research to Classroom Practice (RRtCP) sessions per year, providing local and neighboring educators with research and best practices for addressing the five (5) components of reading identified by the National Reading Panel—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. RRtCP is a five-day, high quality professional learning course based on the most current research in the field of literacy.  It provides educators and administrators with the foundational knowledge needed to support  K-12 students with persistent reading challenges. This rigorous course includes literacy instruction utilizing evidence-based instructional strategies, along with a comprehensive assessment system to guide instruction.

    • ECPPS RRtCP Instructors:
      • Lori Monaghan - Central Elementary School, EC Teacher & IEP Chair
  • Keys to Literacy (KTL) - KTL is a practical course that provides the background knowledge needed to teach all the components of beginning reading instruction. The instructional practices are designed to easily transfer to classroom lessons and can be integrated with any reading curriculum or published reading program. The modules are tightly aligned with state literacy standards and align with our own NC Reading Research to Classroom Practice. 

  • Program training including Letterland Intervention, Fundations, and Language! is on-going.

NCSIP Advisory Team:

  • Stephan Bill - ECPPS EC District Instructional Coach
  • Bert Lane - ECPPS Deputy Chief Academic Officer
  • Jamie C. Liverman - ECPPS Director for Exceptional Children
  • Lori Monaghan - Central Elementary School Exceptional Children’s Teacher, IEP Chair, & RRtCP Instructor
  • Dr. Amy Jo Spencer - ECPPS Chief Academic Officer
  • Loretta Stokely - Sheep Harney Elementary School Exceptional Children’s Teacher & IEP Chair
  • Dr. Katina Jones-Waples - Sheep Harney Elementary School Principal

Parent Satisfaction Reading Survey

To help our school continue to improve our reading services, please respond to the survey about your child’s participation in NCSIP. Please use the links below to complete your survey, either via the online form, or printable document. Your input is greatly valued and appreciated.           

Online Survey - Reading                               Online Survey - Reading (Spanish)

Printable Parent Survey - Reading              Printable Parent Survey - Reading (Spanish)





 Above infographic can be found at www.ncsip.org/parents.