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Curriculum and Instruction

Teacher with Students

Reimagining the Future of Learning

At Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools, we are reimagining education to better prepare our students to thrive in an interconnected world. Our goal is to create an innovative learning environment where students develop the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to understand worldwide issues and make a positive difference as global citizens.

We aim to make learning more hands-on, tailored, and focused on real-world skills that translate across borders and cultures. This means providing opportunities for students to collaborate with peers from different backgrounds, communicate ideas effectively to diverse audiences, critically analyze global systems, and appreciate multiple cultural perspectives.

For our teachers, this means providing professional development to learn new teaching strategies that promote global competence and incorporate technology that connects our classrooms to the wider world. We want to support our educators in bringing fresh global perspectives into the classroom and designing lessons that allow students to apply their learning to real issues happening locally and globally.

By rethinking what school can be, we are building the foundation for our students' success in college, career, and life in an interconnected world. We invite our community to join us as we redefine the future of education together to prepare our students to create positive change.

Sammy Fudge
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Katina Jones-Waples
Executive Director of Elementary Schools

Adrian Fonville
Executive Director of Secondary Schools

Nina Griffin
Director of Testing & Accountability

Academic Support Team

Tanya Proctor
PowerSchool Coordinator / Testing & Accountability Assistant

Stephan Bill
EC District Instructional Coach

Joshua Sawyer
District Instructional Coach

Eboni Stallings 
District Instructional Coach

Misty Wooten
Early Literacy Coach


Literacy at Home