Academic Competition Teams

Battle of the Books - Sponsored by VACANT

This program is for middle school students, grades 6-8. Students at participating schools read books from a list established by the state Battle of the Books committee, and then compete in quiz-bowl-style tournaments to test their knowledge of these books.

Mock Trial - Sponsored by Millie Griffith


The Middle School Mock Trial (MSMT) Program is a hands-on exercise in learning about due process. It is a team activity program that is most often conducted as an extracurricular activity, but can also incorporated into law, forensics or public speaking classes. Students representing attorneys and witnesses for both sides of a fictional case role play that case being tried in court. The students are guided in their case through support of their teacher and attorney coaches. The program teaches the legal process and trial procedure.

Math Club - Sponsored by 

Math Club consists of weekly challenge problems, group problem solving, creations and hands on experiences. Students are learning that math can be fun but a challenge at the same time. Students work in teams to solve challenge problems and to create products. Math Club students play games that enhance their skills and make them think outside the box.

Chess Club - Sponsored by

Chess club members meets once a week during WIN time to practice and learn how to be better chess players. Tournaments will also be held during WIN time as students progressively grow in their skills throughout the year.

SGA - Sponsored by Sallye Owens

The Student council will open doors to opportunities for the entire student body to connect with their community on varying levels honoring their school, county, state, nation and world.

Science Club - Sponsored by

Mission: To promote the teaching and learning of science, enhance environmental literacy and stewardship, and promote scientific discovery. The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program is an international science and education program that provides students and the public worldwide with the opportunity to participate in data collection and the scientific process, and contribute meaningfully to our understanding of the Earth system and global environment. Announced by the U.S. Government on Earth Day in 1994, GLOBE launched its worldwide implementation in 1995.

Spelling Bee & Geography Bee - Sponsored by 
Students who compete in the Spelling and Geography Bee's at ECMS have the opportunity to advance to state and national competitions for recognition, scholarships, and prizes.
Art Showcase - Sponsored by
Students are presented with a prompt and given about one month to create their submission. Media categories include painting, drawing, collage, photography, and other creative efforts. Submissions from top teams and students from each category advance to the State Finals and are evaluated by judges in a live exhibition.
Yearbook Helpers - Sponsored by
Students interested in helping with the yearbook are currently submitting photographs from events around the school for inclusion in this year's book. Every student who participates will receive special mention in the yearbook.
The Quill - Sponsored by
The Quill is a writing competition where students write in one of the following categories: Narrative, Problem/Solution, Argumentative, and Informative. There is a regional competition as well as a state competition.