Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools

ECPPS Virtual Learning Requests

Important Information

ECPPS is so pleased to welcome everyone back for the 2021-2022 school year.  We continue to monitor COVID trends and due to the rapid rise in positive cases, shared an updated virtual learning option with our Board of Education on Monday, August 16, 2021. We recognize that there may be students who are considered high risk for COVID for a variety of reasons.

ECPPS is accepting Request for Virtual Learning Forms for students who:

  • may be considered high risk for COVID due to medical reasons; or 
  • resides with an individual who is considered high risk for COVID due to medical reasons  

Medical documentation from a medical provider is required to be considered for approval for virtual learning.  We request and strongly encourage parents to submit the virtual learning form as quickly as possible to allow time to accommodate approved students.  For those requesting approval for virtual beginning August 23rd, please complete the form by Thursday, August 19th.

Should the request for virtual learning be approved, your child must meet ECPPS Virtual Learning Expectations and follow all required guidelines. Parents/guardians and students will be required to sign an ECPPS Virtual Learning Agreement acknowledging awareness of the expectations and guidelines.   The expectations and criteria for virtual learning are attached to this message and on the website at www.ecpps.k12.nc.us  as Virtual Learning Option 2021-2022.

Virtual Learning

Additional Information

ECPPS will continue to provide as much information and communication as possible for staff and families regarding COVID protocols, virtual learning, positive COVID cases and contact tracing as needed.  We will also provide information on COVID testing and vaccines to keep everyone abreast of the availability of these resources.

As a remider, ECPPS requires face coverings for everyone inside school and district facilities as well as on buses.  We will continue to check temperatures as individuals enter our facilities, follow physical distancing guidelines, promote proper hand hygiene, and sanitize facilities.  We will follow the recommendations set forth in the NCDHHS StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit K-12.  

We thank you for your continued support as we begin a new school year with the health and safety of everyone in the forefront of every decision made.

ECPPS Criteria for Virtual Learning


Medical Documentation

Parent(s) may request virtual learning with supporting medical documentation.

Technology and Connectivity

Each student will receive a district device (e.g. iPad or Chromebook) to participate in virtual learning. Hotspots will be provided if needed. ECPPS will work with the families that have limited access to the internet.


A student is expected to attend all scheduled virtual meetings and complete all assignments by the communicated due date.

A student approved to participate in virtual learning will adhere to the state mandated attendance guidelines as those students who are in person. Students who are not in attendance will be considered truant. Truancy will be addressed by the home school.


Students are capable of engaging in various instructional formats that are both online and offline (e.g., digital course modules, videos, online discussions, digital text, etc.).

Students are motivated and will engage in independent offline work consistently.

Students must have a parent/guardian/support person to help students to ensure assignments are uploaded and independent work is shared using Canvas (K-12) and/or SeeSaw (K-2).


Students who are attending virtually are required to take all state and local assessments in person at their assigned school (e.g. benchmark assessments, EOGs/EOCs, etc.).

The assessment schedule will be shared with the parent(s) by the teacher and/or school principal.

Extracurricular Activities

Students will not participate in any extracurricular activities in the virtual option.

Expectations for Virtual Learning