Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools

Exceptional Children

EC Director Communication

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and cooperation during these most trying times.  We all hope to return to a sense of normalcy in the very near future.  I know things have been difficult, but we will emerge stronger and more prepared for future challenges.

During the re-opening discussions, I was very pleased to find that Superintendent Edmonds was very supportive of Exceptional Children and understood that we needed to try to move as quickly as possible to return some of the EC students to face-to-face instruction.  We will continue to attempt to provide the best services possible as we continually adjust schedules.

We are very excited that some of our students are back in the buildings already, and enthusiastically await the arrival of other students who have elected to return. We have equipped our teachers with the safety materials they need, and have made painstaking efforts to ensure a safe environment for students and staff.  Please be aware that because some of the staff members have compromising conditions, adjustments in teaching assignments may be necessary.  We appreciate your understanding of these circumstances and are working diligently to minimize disruptions to the students.

If your child is planning to return, please begin working with them on wearing their masks, which is a requirement for all students except those whose physical disabilities are so severe that they cannot independently remove the mask.  Students who are not wearing a mask may be required to wear a face shield.  These safety precautions are not being made arbitrarily.  We have partnered with our local health department and ABC Science Collaborative (Duke Physicians) to provide guidance that will allow us to safely return students and staff into the buildings.  Thank you for your assistance in helping to keep everyone safe!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, or if I can be of service to you.  Thank you, again, for working so cooperatively with us during these challenging times.


Holly M. Glenn, Ed.D
Interim Director of Exceptional Children