River Road Middle School


The Peer Selected Winners Rocket Art!

After each project is completed, the art students are voting on student work they consider meets the requirements and is most creative.

8th Grade votes for 7th Grade
7th Grade votes for 6th Grade
6th Grade votes for 8th Grade

The Peer selected winners:

6th grade winners:
Cloey McDonald's Name Drawing (Voted by 7.1 & 7.2)
Jose Trujillo-Sarraga's Harriet Tubman Tile (Voted by 7.1)
Cloey McDonald's Harriet Tubman Tile (Voted by 7.2)

7th grade winners:
Naziah Zavala's Rosa Parks Tile (Voted by 8.1)
Maurice Baum's Malcom X Tile (Voted by 8.2)
Jasiah Felton's Name Drawing (Voted by 8.1)
Naziah Zavala's Name Drawing (Voted by 8.2)

8th grade winners:
Tyler Stalling's Micheal Jackson Tile (voted by 6.1)
Jazmin Vicente-Garcia's Kathryn Johnson Tile (voted by 6.2)
Stella Baggett's Name Drawing (voted by 6.1 & 6.2)

6th Grade Rocket Art!

6th Grade Gesture Drawings: Students working on skill builder exercises in order to build eye and hand coordination.

6th Grade Wassily Kandinsky Circles: The 6th graders studied the Russian, Wassily Kandinsky, and his experimentation with geometric shapes to create abstract art. The final media was created with oil pastels and heavy stock paper.

6th Grade Harriet Tubman Tiles: The 6th grade studied Harriet Tubman and the under ground railroad; the students individual tiles were placed together to create a collaborative work of art by the entire 6th grade. This work of art was to symbolize "slave quilts" studied by the students as well.

7th Grade Rocket Art!

7th Grade Adinkra Symbols: The students studied symbols from West Africa, predominately Ghana, and how the use of symbols was used as a modern language. Each student sketched several symbols, sketched a final symbol of their choice, and then created a final media. The final was completed with ink and calligraphy pens.

7th Grade Mixed Media: The students studied mixed media and the use unorthodox materials to create portraits; research was conducted, sketches were completed, and the student created a portrait using a plan they set into place.

7th Grade Pop Cubes: The 7th grade students studied value, abstract line making, and monochromatic color techniques. Learning a variety of value techniques such as stippling, soft shading, and crosshatching the student applied the techniques to their grey scales. The students learned how to tint and shade a hue in order to create monochromatic color schemes; mixing their own hue they created their own monochromatic designs.

8th Grade Rocket Art!

8th grade line drawings: The 8th grade students have conducted line research; students compared and contrasted organic lines and geometric lines. The students also experimented with line weight, contrast, and pattern making. During their critiques, the students discussed the use of white space, hierarchy, originality, neatness, and other design related elements.

8th grade skill builder: The students created 32 thumbnails of abstract patterns. Research was conducted on line making and pattern making, then the students applied their own experimentation by creating 32 unique patterns.

8th grade creative process: The students are using their literary skills to help brainstorm their creative process. Using a bubble map, students use word associated to describe a subject, then they apply that information to their sketches.