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Each student in all grade levels will be assigned a Chromebook for the 2018-2019 school year. Chromebooks will be the technology that students will use to conduct classroom research, communicate with the teacher and fellow students, and also complete assignments. In an effort to maintain student focus on academics and school work, cell phones will be turned off by the student and turned in to their homeroom teacher at the beginning of the school day. The phones will be locked up in the Chromebook cart for the remainder of the day. The cell phone will be returned to the student at the end of the day when they return their Chromebooks.


Technology saves time and increases learning when used appropriately. We want our students to use technology for the right reasons, and in an appropriate manner. During class time, students are NOT permitted to use any technological devices (including cell phones, cameras, I-pods, etc.) UNLESS they have prior staff permission.

  • Class time is solely for educational purposes. We expect students to be respectful when using any types of technology. Inappropriate language or photos are not permitted on devices used in school.
  • At the middle school level, students may not use personal devices without prior permission from the teacher and/or principal.
  • Note: Students who bring personal technology devices to RRMS are responsible for their own devices, and it is their responsibility to ensure its safety.
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